“Hilarious and moving, JOURNEY TO PLANET X is a love song to passion, hard work and beating the odds. Marvelous!”
- Kent Jones, The Rachel Maddow Blog



Directors: Myles Kane & Joshua Koury                           Original Score: Jonah Rapino
Producer: Trisha Barkman                                                Starring: Eric Swain and Troy Bernier
Editors: Myles Kane & Joshua Koury
Released in 2012 – 78 mins.

Eric Swain and Troy Bernier are scientists by day and amateur filmmakers by night. Over the years these two friends have turned out many of their own amateur, sci-fi inspired movies. Journey to Planet X follows the filming of Planet X, the duo’s most ambitious endeavor to date, and sheds light on their unique brand of “movie magic.” While Troy views Planet X as an opportunity to launch a career in the movie-industry, Eric is content with making films as a playful and creative hobby. Troy’s bold new aspirations greatly exceed anything they’ve accomplished in previous films and the pressure of raising the bar forces both to take a leap of faith. They recruit the involvement of everyone they can find – from their own family members, to co-workers, and local aspiring actors. They shoot on sand dunes, highway overpasses, and inside an industrial-sized freezer at a local supermarket. Together with their cast and crew, they form an unlikely community of like-minded adventurers. Eric and Troy are inspired by the transcendent nature of moviemaking itself, where the fantasies of being space travelers, charming leading men, and even successful filmmakers, all seem quite possible. Our documentary captures their struggle to realize their filmmaking dream.

Tribeca Film Festival – World Premiere
Traverse City Film Festival
Camden International Film Festival
Sitges Film Festival
Flyway Film Festival – Winner!  Best Documentary
Key West Film Festival – Winner!  Audience Award
Chicago Underground Film Festival
Little Rock Film Festival
Nevada City Film Festival
Lighthouse Film Festival
Starz Denver Film Festival
Cucalorus Film Festival
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
East Lansing Film Festival

“One of the best Indie Movies of 2012 so far, according to Criticwire.” Criticwire, Indiewire

“JOURNEY TO PLANET X is certainly not the first film to document the quixotic ambitions of filmmakers whose visions far exceed their skills. But it does so with a refreshing empathy for its subjects, two men motivated by sheer love of make-believe.…JOURNEY [TO PLANET X] is a well put-together crowd pleaser. John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

“Hilarious and moving, JOURNEY TO PLANET X is a love song to passion, hard work and beating the odds. Marvelous!” Kent Jones, The Rachel Maddow Blog

“This is a skillfully done, hilarious, and inspiring documentary.” Christie Ko, ScreenCrave

“JOURNEY TO PLANET X is a love letter to friendship and a testament to the power the movies hold over our collective imaginations.” Matt Singer, Sundance channel/Sunfiltered

“Kane and Koury have created a snapshot of the frustrating and rewarding process that sees a film travel from a makeshift studio to a premiere screening, and an acknowledgement that there are no small films, only small directors.” Adrienne McIlvaine, Critical Mob

“The movie eloquently captures the B-movie convictions of Ed Wood upgraded to the digital age.” Eric Kohn, Indiewire

“An endearing documentary, Journey is enthusiastically recommended for genre fans and those fascinated by the filmmaking process.” Joe Bendel, Libertas Film Magazine

“Rarely is Z-grade cinema so deeply sympathetic and moving, not to mention hilarious!” Matt Barone, Complex Magazine

“A hell of a lot of fun to watch!” Joshua Chaplinsky, Twitch

“A love letter to science fiction and the amateur filmmakers of the world.” Matthew Monagle, Paracinema

“A delightfully warm-hearted and generous account of two science-fiction enthusiasts who make low-low-low budget fantasy films….Journey To Planet X is a real charmer and destined to be an audience favorite at any festival it plays.” Mark Adams, Screen International