Directors: Myles Kane & Joshua Koury                           Music by: Myles Kane
Producer: Trisha Barkman                                              Featuring (in order of appearance): Ben Best, Andrew Zawacki, & Robert Ettinger
Editors: Myles Kane & Joshua Koury
Released in 2013 – 12 mins.

WE WILL LIVE AGAIN looks inside the unusual and extraordinary operations of the Cryonics Institute. The film follows Ben Best and Andy Zawacki, the caretakers of 99 deceased human bodies stored at below freezing temperatures in cryopreservation. The Institute and Cryonics Movement were founded by Robert Ettinger who, in his nineties and long retired from running the facility, still self-publishes books on cryonics, awaiting the end of his life and eagerly anticipating the next.


Tribeca Film Festival – World Premiere
AFI Docs
Traverse City Film Festival
Camden International Film Festival
Independent Film Festival Boston
Rooftop Films
Fantasia International Film Festival
Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival
Provincetown International Film Festival
Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival
Milwaukee Film Festival
Beacon Film Festival